Sainte-Maxime: designated a tourism holiday resort

What is a « ranked holiday resort »?

The ranking aims to facilitate the use of the resort, to allow its development by equipment and maintenance related to, specifically, the conservation of monuments and sites and sanitation, embellish or improve the conditions for access, stay or circulation...

The commitments of ranked resorts

 To offer touristic accommodation for varied categories and different nature;

 To offer cultural creations and events, to facilitate physical and sporting activities using and respecting their heritage, natural or built ressources, or those of the surrounding territory, for all audiences and during tourist periods. To highlight the professionals’ savoir-faire when it is traditional, historical, gastronomic or regional;

 To offer to all types of tourists some convenience stores and healthcare facilities, adapted in particular to the tourist activities practiced, either in the town, or not far distant;

 Have an urban planning document and a zoning plan for collective and non-collective sanitation, and commit to implement actions in the field of environment, beautification of the living environment, conservation of sites and monuments, public hygiene, sanitation and wastes treatment;

 Organise information, in different languages, for tourists activities and facilitate offers, as well as on the places of tourist interest of the commune and its surroundings, and to assure their access to this information;

 Facilitate access to the town and the traffic within the town for all audiences by improving infrastructure and transport supply, ensuring the maintenance and security of equipment, the establishment of appropriate signage of the tourist office and the main sites for touristic interest.